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Services Designed to Give You Peace of Mind

Female Empowerment Events, Corporate Occasions, Private Parties, and Micro-Weddings

You Don't Need to Struggle to Have an Awesome Event

Hire us as your event planner and breathe easy.

Event planning is hard. There are a lot of details to organize, people to wrangle, and design choices to make.  If you don't live and breathe events as we do, you will quickly feel overwhelmed.

While you may feel like powering through is a badge of honor, it is actually just pulling you from living in the moments where you are needed the most.

There is a better way.  

Delegate the details to us, have an event that surpasses your expectations, and skip the stress.

Women Empowerment & Non-Profit Events

We are here to partner with you to help your mission come alive.

You are contributing your highest value to your cause when you are laser-focused on building community, fundraising, and giving voice to the voiceless.  

Don't diminish your power by trying to do it all.

When you partner with us to plan your retreat, summit, or gala, we relieve the burden of having to have everything under control.  

We plan all types of occasions, including conferences, retreats, dinner parties, and virtual events.

We handle all aspects of event management, including consulting, planning, design, site selection, budget, vendor management, on-site production, and promotions/gifting.

We work with you as part of your team. This is your event and we are here to help.

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.

Michelle Obama


We go way beyond just holiday party planning. Work with us to create show stopping roadshows, networking events, executive dinners, and virtual events.

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Corporate Events

Build company culture while staying in your zone of genius

It's time to raise your hand and ask for help.

Have you been tasked with planning an event and you are feeling overwhelmed?

On top of everything else you have to worry about, now you are stressed out trying to pull everything together and wow your boss without letting your other projects slip through the cracks.

Let us take on the minute details so that you can win at your projects and solidify your next promotion.

Once you sign your contract, you can hand everything over to us. We handle it all from consulting, planning, and design to site selection, budget management, and on-site production. We will even make sure that all promotions and gifts are taken care of.

We handle events of all size from 5 to 50,000

It’s about getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment & helping to find a way to innovate.

Marissa Mayer, President and CEO, Yahoo


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We help make your intimate wedding even more meaningful

Planning and design for 50 guests or less

Budget management, timeline development, design, vendor management, contract negotiation, wedding day coordination

Services starting at $2,000

Instead of heaping on the anxiety that comes with DIY, let us create a fully-custom experience that will help you breeze through your engagement with peace of mind.

This is your chance to create profound memories that last a lifetime.

It is a huge misconception that smaller weddings are easier to plan. In fact, the few guests you have, the more opportunity is available to focus on making the experience more special.

Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.

Hazrat Inavat Khan, Sufi Teacher


Let Us Take Your Event to the Next Level


Schedule a Call

Tiffany will listen to your needs and outline exactly how to help you reach your goals.


Get a Customized Promposal

No cookie-cutter solutions here. You are unique and our solutions are created just for you.


Experience Peace of Mind

Once you entrust your event to us, you get to focus on what matters.

We worry about the details so you can do what you love

Our Clients Are Huge Fans

"Our team knew we needed extra help with planning, given that we were dealing with mixed demographics and multiple different cultures. Tiffany stepped in and provided us with ideas and suggestions that we didn’t even think to do (things we didn’t even know were possible!). Communication and emails were so easy and seamless. We received so many compliments that this was our best gala to date, and that was all thanks to Tiffany!"

Non Profit



"Tiffany Unruh did a superb job planning a birthday party for my wife! I was very nervous about it so I reached out to Tiffany. We had over 40 guests in our home. Tiffany managed it all with aplomb - from the invitations, to the flowers, to helping us choose the caterer and the menu, to decorating and staging to even advising how much to tip the servers and arranging for the return (believe it or it ) of excess alcohol. With Tiffany's expert guidance and hard work, the birthday girl (and everyone else I've been told) had a wonderful time."

Private Party


Gary Tarnoff

"Tiffany helped make one of the happiest, yet overwhelming days of my life, absolutely stunning. I didn't have to worry or stress when it came to managing vendors, the venue, or the last-minute details of designing and the day of wedding set up. Tiffany handled everything with ease, confidence, and genuine delight. I look forward to working with her in the future for many more happy occasions!"



Jamie Meintanas Pippis

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