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Eloping is the NEW 2020 Wedding

April 13, 2020

Reasons to Work with Your Planner on Elopement

It’s fair to say Covid19 is the one event that planners couldn’t plan for. With most all events being cancelled, at home orders in place, and restrictions on how we gather- we can conclude 2020 weddings are drastically impacted. We know this is all for the common good but it doesn’t make it less emotional for couples. If your wedding hasn’t already been impacted, do not jump the gun, but the planner in me says let’s start working on plan b and c etc. if your wedding was in the spring and already impacted, I empathize with you and if I can ever answer your questions or help you stay best informed on what’s to come with events please reach out, I am here for you.

If you have a planner I highly suggest talking about your options, if you need a planner to guide you, look no further, and if you're doing it on your own keep calm and simplify.

Let’s dig into possible reasons to elope and throw an awesome celebration reception at a later date, or if just starting the planning process reasons to elope altogether.

Keep Your Ideal Date

Avoid issues of finding new dates, possible rescheduling fees and/or finding new vendors when yours are booked for future dates, especially for officiants/photography/videography/florists/venues etc.

No Venue Necessary

If we can gather of groups of 10 max then there’s really no need for renting out a venue, if you really love a venues backdrop for a ceremony it does not hurt to reach out and see what they offer for elopement, but this is also an opportunity to get creative and have a really unique experience outside of the standard venue and no need to pay $250 a guest.

Mindful Vendor Needs

If you have an officiant and marriage license you're good to go! If your officiant is mandated to stay at home depending on age or state you can stream them or use a justice of the peace. If you are religious I recommend reaching out to your Church to see if less than 10 people ceremonies can be conducted, as it is very state dependent.

A single photographer & videographer can get the job done and respect the CDC guidelines while keeping a gathering small. You’ll also have amazing footage to share at your future reception!

Working with a planner and florist remotely can help you still have beautiful design elements for eloping. Florists can create, setup, drop and go prior to your wedding, no need for interaction and you still have beautiful aesthetics. Keep it to the minimum of what you need like bouquets, backdrop, a centerpiece for a dinner for two after etc.

Mindful Vendor Needs Continued:

Hair & Makeup with social distancing and self quarantine makes working with these two hard. But if you have already paid them, try doing a tutorial with them a few sessions on simple glam looks over FaceTime or Zoom so you can recreate the look yourself. This is win win.

*If you haven’t booked either of these well tutorials could be your go to for now!

We all love a DJ or amazing live music- but if you're eloping you have Spotify and live options of perhaps some musician, band or DJ you really loved!

Use a planner that offers elopement and consultations remotely for coordination, logistics, design aesthetic, time management/timeline for the day and to help you with those contracts!

Guest List

All you really need are two witnesses! If you’re in a state where you can gather with ten or less, you have a photographer, officiant, couple and two witnesses- that is 6 people! You have an opportunity to really make this moment about you as a couple and your story with the few most important people to you. You can always renew your vows later, or even stream your event if you want others to view, but this is an opportunity for those of you that just want to get married to let your love be the focus and not the wedding event.


Support a small business and enjoy the meal you both love and would have wanted anyways, it's the little things that bring us the most joy! So get those tacos, sushi, a four course dinner delivered to you and maybe spread the love to those few important people in attendance.

At the end of the day these are all thoughts to consider. If you want to reschedule a wedding, or wait for some restrictions to be lifted-that is for you! Some couples just want to be married, and these are some things to consider in a foreign time. The most exciting thing is celebrating with intention and true to what speaks to you as a couple; celebrations will come back and the wedding community can not wait to help you.