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Stop Wondering What to Ask A Wedding Venue

July 8, 2020

10 Questions to Ask in a Post Covid World

The year 2020 is definitely the craziest unplanned year in my history. I believe with the time we have spent in solitude, indoors and navigating the next steps of our lives, careers and life events has allowed us to be intentional about how we as society move next.

Below are 10 important venue questions for couples planning weddings 2020 and in my opinion forever after. These are benchmark questions to ask a venue while scouting for industry pros guiding couples and couple planning solo. They are mindful questions to protect your budget, guest and dream, but also the venue, their operations and employees.

If we can all work cohesively to support and listen to the greater vision of a couples wedding day while looking out for clients, their guests, and all creative partners, I believe meaningful joy filled experiences will come back in full force in time.

What are the policies and fees associated with postponement and/pr cancellation of our event?

This question seems obvious at this point, but expect the unexpected. Ask it and highlight it in the contract given before you sign. Discuss with your planner, as a couple and whoever is funding the event.

How much of our deposit is refundable and/or transferable to a new date?

Remember we are planning for unexpected events along with your perfect event plan A. This is an important budget number to know to track your funds, determine backup funds and knowing if this venue is the right fit for your event.

If we need to reschedule, is there a time limit in reserving a new date?

Best to know what timeline guidelines you have In the event of an emergency pivot with venues. In addition, ask if there is a time limit (ie. Within 6 months of your original date), what availability do they have in that time frame for weekends, and weekdays?

Do you require wedding insurance?

Discuss this with your planner, just buy it and protect what you can. If your a couple working with me I gift it to you- it’s worth the peace of mind!

What is the site fee for a small or micro-wedding?

A great question early in the process and unsure where you want to end up with a guest count. Have your planner navigate this with the venue? The cost could be less and it really pays to have a planner there to negotiate on your behalf.

How many guest can you accommodate? (Indoors/Outdoors)

Knowing all this information will allow your planner to design spaces, seating vignettes and orchestrate a seamless flow with the venue team to communicate to your guests on the day, also determines if any or additional signage needs to be relayed to guests on site or on the wedding site/with invitation suites.

Are masks required? When, where do they need to be worn and how will we convey this information to our guests?

Again just working with the planner to be resourceful on signage or the venue communicating with staff in where guests need to mask up.

What will the flow of guest arrival be for ceremony, cocktail hour/bar traffic and the reception?

This is mainly so we can keep in mind social distancing and design a space and table seating that follows these recommended guidelines for safety and health of guests and staff.

What are the cleaning/sanitation procedures prior to and during our event?

This is for peace of mind, and to be able to communicate to concerned guests.

How will valet and food for service be handled safely?

Same as above communicating to your guests that this event will keep their safety in mind let’s everyone party freer and happier.

These are just a few of the questions I feel are most pertinent for the next couple years. There are so many more general questions to ask, when sourcing venues for your event. Sign up for our email list and I will happily send you a free guide of top general questions to ask, along with the ones here to prepare you for on site visits and or virtual visits.

I am so grateful to be a part of the journey with you!

XO Tiffany Nicole


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