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Have You Been Wondering if a Micro Wedding is for You?

June 9, 2020

5 Reasons to Consider

Micro Weddings are making big waves during the current economic and health conscious climate we are all pushing through. There are so many benefits to a Micro-Wedding and they are definitely here to stay in the Wedding Industry.

I am a Wedding Planner in Los Angeles and NYC Micro-Weddings are my specialty and as such are my favorite weddings to curate with couples. These weddings are generally 50 or less people which gives a couple and their budget so much room to create an intentional experience on the details telling of their love story. So whether its a 3 hour pop-up wedding, a vacation wedding or a romantically intimate wedding- Here are some ways a micro wedding can create a macro experience!

The WHO:

Who makes the cut? Well 50 or less of your favorite and most loved people. Having a venue picked and their maximum capacity will really help you wittle this list down so its the most cherished of people in attendance. Create a personal experience for your guests. Whether it hand written notes, personalized gifts, or covering room and transport for your guests. The expense becomes much more feasible and easier to swallow for 30 guests than it is with 200 people. So take the time to show them in a way reflective of you as a couple, how meaningful it is to have these few guests in attendance.


Since these weddings are smaller guest counts, they are also usually less hours depending on the couple. Are you the savory sit down candle filled dinner couple, the elegant boujie brunch vibe, or the morning wedding with romantic lunch reception to follow? There is so much more opportunity to be creative with time of day of your event, this flexibility in turn also allows you to navigate and avoid costs for peak wedding days and or peak seasons if you prefer. If not, the weekday and morning option in peak seasons opens up a lot of options. FYI: sunrise & sunset are great times for photos!


This is where things can get so exciting, So many more options become available when you have a smaller guest count, Is there a wing of the museum, a gallery, a restaurant, a raw space, a bar, a park you love? Well then, yes!!! Let’s have it there! Once, you find that unique place, work with your planner on how to uniquely enhance the decor without taking away from the space or experience. You already have a fun spot that suits you, your guests and will have photos unlike all the other weddings you’ve attended.


Finally- the Personal Details!!! When you eliminate opinions, and people pleasing from your nuptial experience you are able to focus much more on curating a memorable experience that you actually get to be a part of! So if you want that floral installation over the one long table, the colored glassware, the blush tabletop flatware, a custom or interactive menu, velvet chairs, or the heavy stationery do it because now you can! Work with your planner or venue to create an ambiance of peace, joy and fun. Remember the pillars of bringing people together, food, drinks and great music!


Your love is intentional and so is your wedding. Make it personal, let it reflect you as individuals and a couple. Sentimental details like custom vows, family heirlooms, first looks, ceremonial traditions like jumping the broom or candle lighting, should all still take place. Get dressed up, hire the photographer, give everyone a sparkler or some petals and celebrate! Let this micro wedding be small, but your imagination, impact fun and love be grand.

Love Wins! I am so grateful to share these moments with you!

XO Tiffany Nicole

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