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Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner During an Economic Recession

May 16, 2020

3 Tips to Think About

Many couples tend to believe a common misconceptions about Wedding planners. For example, we are just an additional expense, planning logistics can easily be done by yourselves and friends/family along with your venue will help you pull the day off. Today I want to focus on the misconception: Wedding Planners are an added expense to the client with a set budget.

Here are some ways we help YOU!

Fund Allotment

Hiring a wedding planner is incredibly valuable, couples tend to underestimate their wedding budgets by 45%! If you want to make your realistic budget manageable and stretch to its fullest capacity- Hire a Planner!! A planner is very creative on how to distribute funds by focusing on your big picture, what’s actually the most important to you. We prioritize those bigger ticket wants, and determine with you where we can adjust or nix elements while still providing solutions on how to make everything work cohesively.


Knowing how to be creative with a budget is where we excel. I am not saying to under cut costs and give you the WalMart version of your vision. Maintaining a beautiful aesthetic is just as important to us. Most planners are resourceful in a space and know how to enhance it or when things are too much and where we can scale back. It can go so far as understanding the guest count cost per head and where we can trim the guest list to get more money for your band, or nixing some buffets stations to have the open bar. Maybe repurposing things you have already purchased into different areas of your event, like ceremony flowers in the cocktail area etc. It could even be choosing an off-peak wedding date or a weekend to save you some money for the flower installation you really want, get married on a Friday there are no rules! Let a planner navigate these elements for you so you just make the decision.


We source the best vendor team to make your event happen specifically for your budget, style and personality. In addition to creative and thoughtful budget management, we negotiate for you, we show up hard to get you the deal because we know what things ACTUALLY cost and have built relationships that allow us to be able to negotiate. Perhaps we negotiate the time in 8 hour photography session by doing some necessary shots earlier in the timeline so you do not need to add extra time at the end of the night. You could even need more rooms for your block at no additional cost or at the same group rate which is not uncommon. We are here to read your contracts, catch red flags before they become a problem, and secure the best rates through relationships we have built.

Planning any event is an investment, but when you invest in a planner what you're allowing yourself is peace of mind that your money will be used thoughtfully and resourcefully. We keep you accountable to your budget, and save you money in the long run because we provide solutions, are knowledgeable about costs, taxes, gratuities and do the research to get the most for you. Take back your time and enjoy the planning process, let us planners work for you!

Happy Planning Friends!

XO Tiffany Nicole