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Wedding Planning During Crisis

April 2, 2020

Establish, Reassess & Stick to Your Budget!

Planning during the unknown can be added stress for couples! If you have set a budget stick to it! If new circumstances have arrived that are making you question your budget or need to plan differently implement it now. Discuss what is important and what as a couple you can not go without on your day, so if you must re-work anything it will not be whats most important to you.

Back Your Plan Up

Now is the time to call your planner, call your venue and call your vendors especially if your wedding is in 2020. Check on how your date is looking, discuss back up dates if need be. As a planner I have plan a, b and c in place. Work with your team, or let your team do it for you and present you the options agreed upon. Nobody will be mad if you’re a little nervous and full of questions. You have every right to be concerned and need communications and options. Seek out your planner and let your vendor team guide you. Put the plans in place now with the hope that they do not have to be used. You’ll have more peace of mind as the date approaches.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

If you’re the bride who has a 500 person guest count and is set on it..I’m not talking to you. For the rest of you, especially if your wedding is in 2020, consider smaller more intimate weddings vs. inviting everyone you’ve ever met. With limitations currently on how we gather, and no real decision on how we congregate in the future this could really impact how you celebrate this year.. Invite the people who are important to you only, the day will end up being so much more love filled and about your story if those in attendance love you as much as you them. Keeping things on the smaller side also lets you focus on making details more personalized and the aesthetic can be more grand, or creative or whatever speaks to you because now there is more room in your budget! You’ll have more fun if you invite the people who matter, sorry Karen from the office- not sorry!

Time Block & Get Outside

Within social distancing parameters obviously, but being in close quarters with you partner may drive you crazy. Set aside planned out time for wedding planning weekly and follow that schedule. Take a walk, get some air, focus on the run parts of this and plan your butt off. Nows the time, while we have it. It’s spring and inspiration is everywhere outside. What colors, flowers, scents, environments are speaking to you both? Follow that and when back indoors explore together and with your planner how to make it happen for you!

Be mindful of hyper vigilance to virus & germ transmission

I know this is not a fun or romantic topic, but an event also will not be fun if everyone’s wearing gloves and masks concerned about catching the next superbug. Think of ways to limit the spread of germs so your guests don’t have to and can mingle and party without fear. Some ideas include: changing the buffet or family style options for individual plates, small passed hor d’ oeuvres and desserts, white glove service for stations and bars which also allows guest to create the food they want since each dish will be curated by them, fun or elegant hand sanitizer displays, favors or entertainment outside the restrooms where guest can design and create their own luxury soap which also serves as a favor. The point is if you work with a planner to keep your guests minds on the experience they’re focused on fun vs. fear.